Field trips

On the weekends we invite you to learn more about German and European culture - past and present - while enjoying a day out with your friends. We will discover the German capital of Berlin.

Meals, except for breakfast at the hostels, are not included.

Munich (additional fee: 250€), July 26 and 27, 2019

Nuremberg (additional fee: 50€), July 26, 2019

Berlin (included in the program fee), July 11-13, 2019:

Visit the capital of Germany! Berlin is not only the political capital of Germany, but also the historical and cultural center of Germany.
We will have a city tour, see the famous remains of the Berlin wall, visit the German Bundestag (lower chamber) at the Reichstag building , the Holocaust Memorial… We will have plenty of time to go shopping or just enjoy day and night life in Berlin!

Würzburg (additional fee: 50€), July 19, 2019

Freiburg (additional fee: 250€), July 19-20, 2019

Weimar (additional fee: 50€), July 18, 2019:

Come visit with us the town where the poets Goethe and Schiller and the composers Bach and Liszt lived and worked. Weimar is the birth place of the architectural style “Bauhaus” as well as of the first German republic. The darkest years of German history, however, are also represented here: At the Memorial Site Buchenwald you will learn about the horrors of the National Socialist regime.

Point Alpha (included in the programm fee) Jul 31, 2019