Alumni voices

International Summer University in Fulda?

Do it!

I did and now I have friends from all over the world!

The study seminars were engrossing and interesting while organized
social events succeeded in bringing everyone together.

We explored Germany locally and further afield and discovered much about this wonderful country – and ourselves. It’s a real learning experience!

So don’t just think about it. Come on over! Fulda’s fun!

(Deborah de Groot, Australia, ISU 2008)

“I don't know of a study abroad program that can better combine learning useful skills
and so much fun as ISU has for me. The staff at ISU were so helpful and friendly that it made it all that much more enjoyable. I loved it so much, I'm coming back for more this summer!"

(Emily Makrez, USA, ISU 2006)

“It`s fun. It`s interesting. It`s educational. And it`s much more than that.
My Fulda 2005 was my best summer with the greatest people from the whole world.

It changed my life enormously!”

(Barbara Todorovic, Slovenia, ISU 2005)